25 juil. Jeu à la première personne au concept délirant, Viscera Cleanup Detail propose de nettoyer un complexe militaire qui a subi une terrible. Viscera Cleanup Detail Telecharger ce jeu d'aventure humoristique conservé et de science-fiction. La production a développé Runestorm studio indépendant. Téléchargez Viscera Cleanup Detail. Un jeu avec licence Version complète pour Windows‚ par RuneStorm.

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En savoir plus Nettoyez les traces d'un massacre dans un jeu à la première personne réalisé en Unreal Engine Jeu à la première personne au concept délirant, Viscera Cleanup Detail propose de nettoyer un complexe militaire qui a subi une terrible invasion alien. Réalisé avec le moteur graphique Unreal Engine, vous incarnez un technicien de surface que se doit d'enlever toutes les traces du carnage qui a eu lieu. Astiquez toutes les parties du complexe militaire en retirant les taches de sang et en ramassant les derniers restes d'humains et d'aliens au sol et même sur les murs. Redoublez d'ingéniosité pour faire partir les taches les plus tenaces et faites attention à bien jeter les parties toxiques dans les poubelles appropriées. Dans Viscera Cleanup Detail, découvrez aussi un mode multijoueur déjanté où il faut collaborer en équipe pour retirer les traces d'un autre massacre. Collaborez ensemble ou affrontez d'autres joueurs, vous disposez de plusieurs modes de jeu pour prouver à la communauté votre savoir faire.

I was forced to hit Ottis with my mop when he came for me, now I'm on the run. The things I've seen in this facility, God help us The sooner I get out of here the better.

If anyone finds me, I might be their next victim. I plan to make for the Cryogenic labs and hopefully sneak through undetected. They must never find me!

Tips and Trivia The door code for the sick bay on the second floor is A digital notice board attempts to excuse the blood near the elevator as the result of a service technician cutting his finger on a screwdriver. This level contains several toilets filled with fresh water, which can be used to clean the player's mop.

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However, they will eventually dirty like normal buckets. The player will need to stack objects or use the J-HARM to reach stains and viscera above the duct work on the second floor, and to clean the large "pocket" in the wall on the far side of the Incinerator room. The switch that releases toxic gas A switch on the wall near the Incinerator releases a puff of toxic, green gas into each of three holding cells on the opposite side of the room, and three alcoves adjacent to that.

This gas is one of the few things in the game capable of killing players, and was the first fatal feature to be intentionally added to the game. It will continue to spin until the switch is used again.

Changelog: Maps: Added brown "Mantis" corpses to Unrefinery level to replace the far less suggestive "blood pools" used to indicate 9 dead alien lifeforms. Fixed a blood splat in Unrefinery that was red instead of yellow.

Improved weirdly offset bullet holes in Revolutionary Robotics. Blocked off the area above the "gates" in Unearthly Excavation, making it impossible to sneak objects past them. Game: Fixed tick-box on punchout report forms for the "AI" incident not being properly evaluated. Previously only considered inserted PIDs.

Only happens for official levels in The Vulcan Affair. Fixed the annoying player name being "True" or "False" problem. Was caused by the "VSync" setting overriding player name.

House of Horror Fixed "Incinerated Items" in the punchout report forms counting objects destroyed in the Woodchipper. This likely led to a false reduction in report accuracy.

Such as as Bob's notes.